Who we are

We are a dutch non profit organization founded in 1992 called SVS.
SVS in dutch stands for 'Stichting voor Vrouwen met Siliconen borstimplantaties': Free translated: Support
Group for women who became sick or suffer from unexplained symptoms due to silicone implants.
We are the oldest still existing organization in the world that is fully committed to women
affected by silicone breast implants.
Since 2011, we have a hotline called MKS, we support women and advise them.

Founder and former president SVS

Marlou Boots.
Devoted her life, creating awareness about the dark site of silicone and supported many women.
In 2010, her illness from silicone implants became fatal, she passed away.

Founder MKS

Monique van der Brand.
"I was one of the many victims of silicone implants. I suffer from a severe systemic autoimmune disease,
which gave me a partial paraplegia and bedridden, 24/7 with pain. Before getting diagnosed I felt very weak and sick and knew,
something was wrong, I kept searching.
It took five years finding out that defective silicone implants were the cause and three years later
a professor of immunology made an official diagnosis. Earlier, I was not taken seriously by health professionals like neurologists and internists."
Allthough bedridden, I spend my time, helping women finding a right diagnosis, answering emails and work for our organization.


Marga van Amersfoort
"After getting breast cancer and being a BRCA1 gen mutation carrier , I was amputated". Allthough breasts didn't mean much to me, read article Nytimes healthcare professionals advised me to consider a reconstruction. One of the first questions I asked was: 'Are they safe?',
I heard stories in the media about problems with implants in America, but the assured me they were safe.
Women in America claimed they got sick because of greed, they said.
At that time I believed the doctors. How wrong was I...
To make a long story short, after suffering 12 years, 8 operations, 2 pairs of implants, both silicone and hydrogel, losing everything what makes life worth, I came in contact with Monique and thanks to her, I decided to get an explantation. It was one of the best dicision I ever made.
With a medical background and chemistry as a hobby, I was determed to fight, fight for the rights of women, both reconstruction patients and cosmetic breast implants together with SVS and MKS.
Women should not be used as 'guinea pigs'".


We have volunteers, women affected by implants but also women unaffected, breast cancer patients, who support and help us. Volunteers are essential,without them we could not function.

Why go global?

Again we see a growing number of women especially in America getting unexplained symptoms.


This is probably because the implants came back on the market 2006 and our experience is that problems
often arise after a number of years.

History is repeating itself

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